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A compact, air cooled, UV table top unit, with the curing combination – UV LED and UV tube

Ideal for the curing of special UV inks, UV varnishes and UV adhesives, for a broad range of small format situations.

An excellent unit for QA testing, research and development, and even for small production runs of small size flat material and moulded parts.


  • High stabilized, infinitely variable LED UV power
  • Low heat load on the material
  • Inclusive belt suction
  • Requires the installation of waste air extraction
UV LED wave length 395 nm (other wave lengths available on request)
UV LED power 16 W/cm², infinitely variable (other powers available on request)
UV LED curing width 160 mm
UV tube 20 cm, Hg (ozone free tube and special spectra on request)
Max. curing width UV tube 200 mm
UV power Max. 120 W/cm, variable power adjustment from 30-100%
Conveyor belt speed Variable 3-20 m/min. (other speeds available on request)
Conveyor belt Teflon coated, endless, glass fibre conveyor belt, black, antistatic
Conveyor belt width 250 mm
Pass through width Approx. 300 mm
Tunnel height Adjustable in steps up to approx. 50 mm

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