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Test for Leak, Burst, Creep and Creep-to-failure

The BT Integra Pack is a seal strength and package integrity tester for flexible, rigid, porous, non-porous, open, or sealed packages. A high-resolution (0.001 psig), small footprint, bench-top instrument that complies with the Standards for all commonly-used seal strength and package integrity tests.

Electronic pressure and flow controls provide precise and repeatable test conditions, while automatic and high flow output allow testing of large, porous packages.

Standards: ASTM F-1140, F-2054, F-2095

Automatic or Manual settings. In automatic mode, the intelligent BT Integra-Pack will test any package, without the need to input test parameters. In manual mode, users are able to input parameters, such as ramp rate and back pressure drop sensitivity, which enables the testing of special types of packages, configurations, or research data gathering.

Easy, clear navigation and multiple levels of control through the colour touchscreen, for all data handling and review screens. Clear icons help with the selection of test modes, the switch from automatic to manual, viewing test results in numeric and/or graph format and managing accumulated data.

Automatic Burst Test Mode Results right out of the box, no lengthy setup. Senses package size during prefill
Manual Burst Test Mode Multiple levels of control for optimal test results: Ramp Rate, Porous vs. Non-Porous Packages, Max/Min Acceptance Limits, Pressure Drop Sensitivity
Advanced User Defined Interface Compatible with USB keyboard, mouse, bar code reader
High performance. High resolution (0.01 psi burst, 0.001 leak) Automatic regulator (fast pressure setting)
High flow capacity (up to 15 CFM) Low pressure sensitivity at 5 InH2O
Measuring range: 5 InH2O to 50 psi (12.5 to 3450 mbar) Measuring resolution: Burst - 0.01 psi (0.3 InH2O) or 0.7 mbar Leak: (pressure decay) 0.001 psi (0.03 InH2O) or 0.07 mbar)
High resolution colour LCD display with touchscreen Standard and metric units
Test data exported to PC via flash drive USB Type A Graphical test display for leak, burst and creep tests
Power 100 to 230 VAC 50/50 Hz, 45 watts max. 5 watts in standby mode
Air Supply Pressure 60 - 120 psig (4.0 - 8.0 bar) Instrument quality air
Controls Electronic pressure control, Illuminated start/stop switch, key lock, power on/off switch
Test Modes Burst, creep, creep to fail, pressure decay leak
Display Multi-colour 5.7" QVGA Touchscreen
Units of Measure PSI / InH2O / mbar / kPa / InHg
Memory Capacity 32 Mbytes. Expendable memory, internal SD slot (optional)
Communication I/O USB Type A (x2); VGA D sub 15, Monitor; Network LAN (RJ-45); DB9 - Serial RS-232; USB Slave for PC, Type B
Calibration NIST Traceable
Standards ASTM F-1140, F-2054, F-2095
Peripheral I/O 8 Opto Outputs, 8 Inputs, 3 Digital I/O
Tilting Stand Internal SD Card for expandable storage (internal)
TS-02 Closed Package Test Fixture Test Probes (various sizes)
TS-01 Open Package Fixture 12" Jaw Width TS-04 Open Package Fixture 24" Jaw Width
Restraining Plate Fixtures LA-05 Filter Drying Assembly
USB Printers Digital Flow Valves, Leak Orifices
Custom Fixtures and Adapters

Closed Package Probe & Stand
Via the leak tight connection created with the consumbables, Package Ports and Adhesive Discs, the probe accesses the internal volume of the pack to be tested.

The variable height clamp stand can be used to penetrate packages with the probe moved up or to accommodate most package sizes. See video.

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BT Integra Pack Package Burst Tester
BT Integra Pack Package Burst Tester

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