Physical Testing Instruments, Consumables and Service

We’re a familiar name, with a new twist. Tendring Physical Testing is the company we now sell all of our physical testing instruments, consumables,  service/calibration and repairs through.

Tendring pacific, the company you knew us as before, is now focused exclusively on the food industry, with our highly successful range of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and end of line inspection equipment.

As Tendring Physical Testing, we’re representing the same high quality, and internationally respected, instrument manufacturers as before, including Adirondack, Alstrom, IGT Testing Systems, Gurley, PTS, Regmed, Rycobel, Taber and Thwing Albert.

So, whether you’re in one of the traditional sectors of paper, packaging, print, non woven or film, or one of the emerging sectors looking for quality assurance instruments, please contact our sales team on 01223 492081 or and see how we can help.