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Open back frame with upper & lower heated jaws

The jaws are independently controlled, through a digital timer and temperature controller, surface mounted thermocouples, dual action cylinders, electronic timer activation.

12” (TA12-ASL/1) and 24” (TA24-ASL/1) models available.

The standard instrument includes one set of 1” wide flat dies (one upper die and one lower die). Flat surface dies are also available in 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, and 1” widths.

Serrated Sealing Dies (1” width only) are available as matched sets for upper and lower jaws, with options for both type and direction of serrations.

  • Coarse serrations (6.5 serrations/inch)
  • Fine serrations (20 serrations/inch)
  • Crosswise (perpendicular to 12” length)
  • Lengthwise (parallel to 12” length)

Cycle-Hold Mechanism allows the operator to engage a lock, which holds the jaws together at the end of a cycle, for a time until the operator triggers the release switch on the front panel.

Short-Cycle Indicator disables the sealer anytime that a seal cycle is terminated before the entire programmed dwell time has fully elapsed. This lets the operator know that the last item has a potentially inadequate seal.

Temperature Alarm high/low settings with lockout/reset feature.

12” x 12” Removable Work Surface provides an area to prepare the material that is to be heat sealed.

Removable Backstop is mounted to the machine frame which will provide a positive stop behind the seal die. Adjustable Backstop can be permanently mounted inside the machine.

Power options: 110 V, 60 Hz or 220 V (with power convertor)

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Ceratek Laboratory Heat Sealer
Thwing Albert – Rycobel

Thwing Albert – Rycobel

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