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Image analysis for the paper and printing industry

DOMAS Multispec V is an advanced modular image analysis system.
Based on standard PC and laptop hardware and software programs such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Excel and supplemented with dedicated modules for paper industry applications.

The available modules enable automatic and flexible analyses of:

Dirt specks Stickies Sheet formation
Blackening Pin-holes Structures
Coverage Pitting Bleeding & Wicking
Mottling Missing Dots Chemical Imaging

Images are acquired with a specially calibrated flat-bed scanner and a calibrated camera system.

The Chemical Imaging Module incorporates a near infra red (NIR) camera. The fusion of image-analytical data with the chemical information obtained from the NIR module, creates completely new evaluation options.

The analytical results of each module are displayed in clear tables and diagrams.

Benefits of the DOMAS Multispec V Imaging System

  • Easy to use (results are available after three mouse clicks)
  • Compliance with standards and standard methods (ISO, Tappi, INGEDE)
  • Measurement parameters can be defined and stored
  • Regular updates
  • Online assistance via Teamviewer
  • Open interfaces with enterprise data systems
  • Installable on any PC with standard Windows software
  • More than 200 users worldwide

Multispectral Data Analysis
The new DOMAS Multispec V offers the possibility for recording, processing and analysing multispectral data collected by a scanner or camera, to supplement optical images.

The use of additional segments of the electromagnetic spectrum combined with novel image recording devices makes analyses of material samples possible from previously unknown perspectives.

The focus on fibre-based materials offers up additional applications in related industries (textile, wood). In future, the system will concentrate in particular on multilayers and composite materials.

The software has been designed as an open image analysis platform, which makes it available to partners as a base from which they can develop other applications.

Domas Multispec V Imaging System
Domas Multispec V Imaging System
Domas Multispec V Imaging System

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