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Automated device determining the sizing of paper and board through the change in reflectivity

The IGT SizeOscope is an excellent tool for measuring the absorption resistance of  substrates and barrier coatings.

The measurement starts when a high contrast liquid contacts the paper. The measured reflection starts at 100 % and the penetration is seen as a reduction in the reflection. The penetration of the liquid is impacted by the sizing agent, sizing level, and therefore the hydroscopy of the paper, and the type of liquid used. The measurement can be stopped automatically, either after reaching a pre-set drop in the level of reflection, a pre-set time, or manually.

Click here for a full screen video of the IGT SizeOmeter. (Opens in a new tab)

The test liquid is held in a closed container. It is pumped to the sample and flows over the edge of the contact area. This guarantees a continuous flow of liquid, onto the substrate. A container of liquid will last for approximately 100 tests on 80 g/m² paper.

The area of measurement is illuminated by a uniform LED light source. The camera in the  SizeOscope captures the reflection. A graph of the reflection over time, plus the image are visible on screen and stored in the unit. All data can be exported for external analysis.

A number of inks, or coloured liquids are available for sizing tests. It is important to get good colour discrimination, between the penetrating liquid and the paper

  • Blue ink conforming with DIN 53126
  • Black ink conforming with DIN 53126
  • All inks specified in TAPPI T530 can be used
  • Other liquids can be used as long as the pump mechanism is not affected

Pinhole detection:
It is possible to record individual spots of ink passing through the paper, before the total penetration has reached the threshold value.
Temperature control: A temperature controlled liquid container is available.
Video-recording: Video image storage with different frame rates
Exchangeable liquid containers: For quick change of liquids

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions (d x w x h) cm 30 × 45 × 30 cm

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IGT SizeOscope
IGT SizeOscope
IGT SizeOscope