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For Accurately Measuring the Melt Flow Rate of a Wide Range of Thermoplastics

For measuring the rate of extrusion of molten  thermoplastics through a die. Results used to calculate the breaking stretch ratio. Ideal for evaluation of incoming raw materials & setting the optimum processing parameters. Test results expressed in grams/10 min.

Electrically heated barrel has two heating areas, with PID-temperature regulator by use of 2 PT 100 thermo-resistors.

Standards – ASTM D 1238 – method A; ISO 1133 – method A and similar

Supplied complete with – Standard nozzle, Nozzle reamer, Piston complete, Barrel closing device, Barrel cleaning tool, Compactor for resin.

Temperature range: max. + 400 °C Display Resolution: 0.1 °C
Testing barrel: Diameter: 9.55 mm Testing capillary: Diameter 2.095 mm x 8 mm length
Testing piston: Diameter 9.48 mm Supply: 230 V; 50 Hz (115 V upon request)
Power: 1.3 kVA 340 x 310 x 470 mm (L x W x H); Approx.  26 kg
Standard masses
Mass of 1000 Gr. (9.81 N) Mass of 1050 Gr. (10.30 N)
Mass of 1200 Gr. (11.77 N) Mass of 2160 Gr. (21.18 N)
Mass of 3800 Gr. (37.27 N) Mass of 5000 Gr. (49.05 N)
Additional masses
Mass of 5000 Gr. (49.05 N) Mass of 1600 Gr. (15.70 N)
Mass of 2500 Gr. (24.53 N)
Manual cutting device Nozzle plugging device usable for very low viscosity materials
Protection cover with handle Motorized weight lifter useful for masses of more than 5 kg
Filling funnel for powder: useful for sticky materials or powder to avoid material sticking at the conical entrance of the cylinder Leveling device: for the exact leveling of the instrument during installation or setup
Go/no-gauge for the die,. incl. certificate Go-no-gauge for the cylinder, incl. certificate
Nitrogen supply (e. g. for PET-Testing) special cotton strip for barrel cleaning Cleaning paste (50 ml)
Cleaning concentrate 1 Lt. Cleaning concentrate 5 Lt/

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Melt Flow Tester Basic