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Measures the compression strength of paper or board samples

Applicable standards
ISO 9895, TAPPI T 826, SCAN P46, DIN 54518, Appita/AS 1301.450

Device description
Used with 15 mm wide paper, or board strips. The jaws clamp the strip with a definite force and then the clamps move from 0.7 mm towards the middle until a break is detected. On the touch screen display the curve is displayed and the value is shown.

Test description
The sample is put into the open clamps. By pressing the start-button the clamps close and move together with a speed of 3 +/- 0.1 mm/ min. The curve is displayed and as soon the break is detected, the value is shown on the touch screen.

After several tests the statistic values and the ratio between MD and CD are displayed. Optionally a sample feeder can be delivered, which removes the sample strip for the next test sequence. The sample feeder moves the sample approx. 3 cm and allows several tests on one strip.

Results:  SSV (Short Span Value) in kN/m; Fmax (Maximum force) in N; CI (Compression Index) in Nm/g

Pneumatic clamping of the sample Test speed adjustable
SCT curve, SCT value and SCT index Ratio calculation between MD and CD samples
Span of clamps: 0.7 mm Range: 1 – 500N equal to 0,06 –3.3 kN/m
Clamping pressure: 2300 +/- 50 N (adjustable) Sample width: 15 mm
CE mark
WxDxH [mm] 450x520x360 Net
WxDxH [mm] 600x650x500 Gross
Weight [kg] 22 Net; 35 Gross
Electricity 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz AC
Air 600 kPa

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Rycolab Short Span Compression Tester
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Rycolab – Rycobel

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