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Measures the short span compression strength of papers used in corrugated boards

The short span compression tester from Regmed, is ideal for both quality control and research and development. The new design, is made from light weight, resistant materials, with a wide LCD screen and user friendly software.

Standards: ISO 9895 and TAPPI T-826

Pneumatic clamps hold the sample in place and prevent slippage of the sample during the test. They are designed to prevent the operator from being able to touch the sample in the testing area.

The progress of the test is displayed in graph form on the LCD screen. At the end of the test, the maximum strength of the tested material is displayed automatically. Set up of basic tests and compression tests is via intuitive software. There is an option for statistics, respective resistance and index calculation.

The unit has an integral thermal printer and RS232 serial port. The internal memory stores up to 500 test results which can be searched by date, operator, or material.

Maximum capacity 400 N / 40 kgf
Resolution 0.1 N / 0.01 kgf / 0.01 lbf
Testing speed (3 ± 1) mm/min
Selectable testing units N, kgf and lbf
Pneumatic clamps (30 x 15) mm
Clamping force (adjustable) (2300 ± 500) N
Apperture between pneumatic clamps 0.7 mm
Power supply 220 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase, 200 W
Air supply 6 bar, instrument quality
Dimensions (400 x 550 x 400) mm (W x L x H)
Weight 22 kg
Short Span Compression Tester
Short Span Compression Tester

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