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Scratch and mar accessories for the Taber Linear Abraser

Multi-Mar Attachment
Taber’s Multi-Mar Attachment enables you to interchange different mar and scratch tools using one attachment. Use this tool with the Linear Abraser to evaluate coating resistance to scratch, mar and scrape per ASTM D2197. Note, due to the load limit of the Linear Abraser, the maximum recommended weight for testing is 2400 grams. A common reference to this type of test is the “paperclip mar test” or “dime scrape test”.

Each Multi-Mar Attachment includes a loop stylus, which is a 1/16-inch diameter rod, bent into a “U” shape with and outside radius of 0.128 inches and hardened to Rockwell HRC 56 to 58. The stylus is chrome plated with a surface finish of 8RMS. The maximum intended load on this stylus is 2500 grams. Optional tools that may be used with this attachment include a needle stylus, Hoffman stylus, coin and GEM #1 paperclip.

The needle stylus is made from the same material as the loop stylus, and has a 1mm diameter tip. This tip should not be loaded in excess of 2500 grams. The Hoffman stylus has a contact arc of 0.275 inches.

90° Multi-Mar Scratch Mar Attachment (100g) [includes loop stylus] 45° Multi-Mar Scratch Mar Attachment (95g) [includes loop stylus]
Loop Stylus (for use with Multi-Mar) Needle Stylus (for use with Multi-Mar)
Hoffman Type Stylus (for use with Mult-Mar) Copper Coin (for use with Multi-Mar)
Conical Scratch Tip, 0.1mm Diameter (9g) Conical Scratch Tip, 0.25mm Diameter (9g)
Conical Scratch Tip, 0.4mm Diameter (10g) Conical Scratch Tip, 0.5mm Diameter (10g)
Hemisphere Scratch Tip, 0.5mm Diameter (9.5g) Hemisphere Scratch Tip, 1.0mm Diameter (9.5g)
Hemisphere Mar Tip, 7.0mm Diameter (11.5g) Scratch Kit, Stainless Steel (98g) [includes 139-55 & 139-56 tools, 7x measuring magnifier]
Scratch Kit, Aluminum (33g) [includes 139-55 & 139-56 tools, 7x measuring magnifier] Diamond Tool Holder (9g) [includes 139-55 tool]
Diamond Tool Holder (9g) [includes 139-56 tool] Conical Diamond Tool with 90°, 3 mil (.003”) radius point
Conical Diamond Tool with 90°, 3.5 mil (.0035”) radius point 5mm Scraper (37g)
10mm Scraper (46g) Scratch Claw Kit (17g) [meets Nissan requirements]
Scratch Claw, replacement Coin Holder Attachment – 45° (40g)
Coin Holder Attachment – 60° (40g) Coin Holder Attachment – 75° (40g)
Pencil Hardness Scratch Kit (34g) Pencil Set, replacement

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Taber Linear Abraser – Scratch and Mar Accessories