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Simple, accurate abrasivity testing for fluids, powders and semi-solids

Provides a flexible tester for measuring abrasivity of virtually all fluids and powders used in today’s manufacturing processes. Applications include paints, pigments, adhesives, sealants, epoxies, pastes, detergents and industrial additives.

Able to recreate actual wear conditions, the Multi-Media Abraser allows testing on all contact surfaces in application equipment, including rods, cylinders, nozzles, gears and other moving parts.

Works with all standard Taber Abrasers.
The Multi-Media Abraser is available as a separate attachment or pre-mounted on a single or dual Taber abraser.

Model Description
5500 Multi-Media Attachment (fits Abrasers after s/n 844000)
5535 Single Head Multi-Media Abraser (115/230V, 60/50 Hz)
5555 Dual Head Multi-Media / Rotary Abraser (115/230V, 60/50 Hz)
5556 Dual Head Multi-Media Abraser (115/230V, 60/50 Hz)

Standard Features:

  • Adjustable gearbox offers two standard drive ratios for testing a wide variety of media
  • Variable load from 250-2500 grams in 250 gram increments
  • Customizing tests is easy by replacing the universal wear disc or brass pin holder with your own material
  • Easily attaches to Taber Abraser 5130/5131 or 5150/5151
  • Spline shaft
  • Wire handle weight lift


  • Heated table option for simulating a wider variety of application conditions
  • Optional Hi/Low gear set provides greater testing flexibility

Proven weight loss testing method
The medium to be tested is placed in the testing dish, where three brass pins rotate in contact with a stainless steel wear disc. The powder, fluid or semi-solid between the brass pins and stainless steel acts as the abrasive and causes wear. Measuring the weight loss of the brass pins after each test provides an accurate comparison of abrasion rates of different media.

Model 5500 Model 5535 Model 5555 Model 5556
Multi-Media Attachment 1 1 1 2
Auxiliary Weight – 250 gram (each) 3 3 3 6
Aluminium Specimen Dish 1 1 1 2
Pin Holder 1 1 1 2
Brass Pins (pkg 60) 1 pkg 1 pkg 1 pkg 2 pkg
Stainless Steel Wear Disc (pkg 3) 1 pkg 1 pkg 1 pkg 2 pkg
Plastic Spill Tray 1 1 1 2
Plastic Insert Disc (pkg 2) 1 pkg 1 pkg 1 pkg 2 pkg
Plastic Dish Cover 1 1 1 2
Wear Disc Removal Tool 1 1 1 2
Vacuum System 1
Brass Pins (pack of 60) Stainless Steel Wear Discs (pack of 3)
Plastic Spill Tray Plastic Insert Dish (pack of 2)
Plastic Dish Cover Aluminium Specimen Dish with Handle
Hi / Low Gears (for ratio modification 0.6:1 or 1:1.7) Pin Holder Assembly
Universal Holder – Flat Head Auxiliary Weights – 250 g each

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Taber Multi-Media Abraser
Taber – Rycobel

Taber – Rycobel

A global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, affordable test instruments. Used to evaluate the physical properties of materials, particulalry in the test of the durability of their products.

Best known for their expertise in bending resistance and stiffness, abrasion, surface wear, scratch, mar and scuff damage.