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Climacell Laboratory Incubators – Temperature & Humidity Controlled

Climacell temperature and humidity controlled incubators series were developed to create exact and reproducible simulation of different environmental conditions, for testing the stability components, packaging materials, food, chemicals and drugs, germination studies, plant cell, tissue and insect cultures. The multiprocessor humidifying and dehumidifying control system, plus powerful illumination system create an interesting and affordable alternative to expensive testing chambers and testing rooms.

The Climacell range offers fine forced air circulation in combination with a patented, powerful cooling system and humidifier, incorporated in the chamber. The multiprocessor humidifying and dehumidifying control system in conjunction with the powerful illumination system ensure perfect homogenous conditions and a precise simulation of climatic conditions.

An ideal and affordable alternative to testing chambers and testing rooms for studying the stability of components, foods, chemical packages, or for the study of germs, plant, tissue cultures, or insects.

Available with internal volumes of 111, 222, 404, 707, 1,212 litres Working temperature without humidity 0.0°C – 100°C
CLC EVO offers option to -20°C Working temperature with humidity: 10°C – 95.0°C (up to 70°C for 1,212 litres model)
CLC EVO offers option for chamber decontamination up to 160°C (Except 1,212 litre model) Range of humidity: 10% – 98% RH
Refrigerant: R 134a (R449a for -20°C) Cooling medium for generating the humidity: distilled water
Microprocessor controlled humidity CO2 concentration: 0.2% – 20%
Acoustic and visual alarm in error state Acoustic and visual alarm in error state
LED indicator of device functionality Internal chamber: stainless steel DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304)
Intuitive control Microprocessor process control Fuzzy logic
Mulit-lingual communication Internal glass door
LCD display – 3″ (7.6 cm) Transflective brilliant FSTN display
Adjustable display contrast depending on placement Exceptionally wide vision angle
Large signs on the display visible from afar Resistant foil keyboard with SoftTouch surface
Mechanic response of keys Keyboard lock to block unauthorised access
Realtime programming and cycling Up to 9 programs, 2 segments for each program up to 99 cycles
USB host port
LCD display – 5.7″ (14.5 cm) Graphic display of new program – control through colour icons
Touch display lock to prevent unauthorised access Multi- adminsitration of users (corresponds to FDA 21 Part 11)
Dat coding and no manipulability ( according to FDA 21 Part 11) Up to 100 programs and 100 segments per program
Programming of temperature ramps, realtime and cycling Annual data recording in graphic and numeric form
Data export in online and offline mode WiFi, USB device or ethernet interface with proper IP address for remote data transfer, control and diagnostics
Easy service diagnostics including remote access Preset service programs for prompt diagnostics failures
SD memory card, USB host and RS232 interface

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Climacell Laboratory Incubators – Temperature & Humidity Controlled