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Range of 11 programmable drying oven with a patented system of forced air convention. Internal capacities of 22, 55,111, 222, 404, 707 Litres. Temperature range from 10 °C above ambient up to 250/300 °C. Stainless steel internal chamber DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304).

A range of 11 drying ovens with internal capacities of 22, 55, 111, 222, 404, 707 litres. Temperature range from 10°C above ambient up to 250/300°C.

Intuitive control Microprocessor process control Fuzzy logic
Adjustable display contrast depending on device placement FSTN display + COG technology – readability with higher external light
Acoustic and visual alarm Up to 9 programs, 2 segments for each program and up to 99 cycles
LED indicator of device functionality Multi-lingual communication
LCD display – 3 inches (7.6 cm) Exceptionally wide vision angle
Large signs on the display visible from afar Resistant foil keyboard with SoftTouch surface
Mechanic response of keys Lit symbols integrated directly in the foil keyboard
Keyboard lock to block unauthorised access Real time programming and cycling
Current values during operation are enlarged for easy readibility USB host port for easy export of the relevant data
Intuitive control Microprocessor process control Fuzzy logic
Multi-lingual communication Acoustic and visual alarm
LED indicator of device functionality LCD display – 5,7 inches (14,5 cm)
Graphic displaying of a new program Control through colour icons
Touch display lock – protection from unauthorised access by a password Multi-level administration of users (corresponding to FDA 21 Part 11)
Up to 100 programs and up to 100 segments for each program Data coding and no-manipulability (according to FDA 21 Part 11)
Programming of temperature ramps, real time and cycling Annual data recording in graphic and numeric form
Data export in online and offline mode Pre-set service programs for prompt diagnostics of failures
Easy service diagnostics including remote access SD memory card, USB Host and interface RS 232 – included as a standard
WiFi, USB or Ethernet with proper IP address for remote data transfer, control and diagnostics (optional)

Technical specifications
All the technical data apply to 22°C ambient temperature and +/- 10% voltage oscillation (unless otherwise stated)
*) The trays covered to only approximately 50% of their surface and in a way that enables air to flow evenly inside the chamber
**) Mains voltage is specified on type label of the device
Values may differ depending on specific charge and media parameters.

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Venticell Drying Oven with Forced Air Convention