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Measures smoothness and porosity / air permeance

Gurley microprocessor controlled densometer to provide a result in seconds, regardless of the sheet porosity. Measures smoothness and porosity. Sample strip drive included.

This unit measures the air permeability and smoothness of many different types of sheet materials. The Gurley Smoothness Tester & Densometer combines the capabilities of textile, standard and high-pressure densometers, S-P-S testers as well as programmable digital timers.

Standards: ISO 5636/5, BS 5926, CPPA D-14, SCAN P19, P53, APPITA/AS 1301-420, TAPPI T-460, T-490, T-536-88, ASTM D726-5, D202-77


  • Manufacturing and printing – to control the selection of materials affording the appropriate degree of liquid (ink, varnish, sizing) absorption
  • Testing filters, porous bags and materials where controlled porosity is essential
  • Testing insulating materials for air resistance
  • As a supplement to other physical tests, enabling regulation of manufacturing process to give the desired formation, appearance or strength, there being a close correlation between air permeability and the other properties of a material

Model 4340N differs from the traditional manual densometers in several ways:

It uses up-to-date mass flow and servo-regulator technology to provide a quick, accurate, oil-free test. Pneumatic cylinders guarantee a consistent clamping pressure and the automatic test feature allows a sample to be tested several times without constantly opening and closing the test area by hand. The addition of an auto-drive mechanism enables the number of tests as well as the span that they are tested over to be programmed.

Having several state-of-the-art mass flowmeters and a servo-regulator, the Gurley 4340 can accurately test both low and high flow materials that have traditionally tested between 0 – 50,000 ‘Gurley Seconds’. On ‘AUTO-SELECT’ the 4340 automatically chooses the optimum test pressure, based on the amount of flow recorded on the corresponding flowmeter and then displaying the test time. At the end of each manual test, results can be toggled between Gurley units, Bendsten, Sheffield or Bekk equivalent units.

Air permeability and smoothness testing with one instrument Automatic and manual testing
Automatic sample transport RS-232 interface and printer connection
Rapid results
Air permeability Smoothness
standard Gurley (corresponding Model 4110, 4190) standard Gurley
low-pressure Gurley (corresponding Model 4118) calculated Sheffield units
high-pressure Gurley (corresponding Model 4150, 4250) calculated Bekk units
calculated Sheffield units calculated Bendtsen units
calculated Bendtsen units

Compressor and air filter/regulator/dryer combination
Dot matrix printer, roll fed
Interchangeable orifices (1.0 standard, 0.25 and 0.10 sq in optional)

Instrument air – minimum 4.5 bar
Power – switchable 110/220 V

Physical specifications:
23.5 x 40 x 32 cm (W x L x H); Net weight – 13 kg

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Gurley 4340 Smoothness Tester and Densometer

Contact Our Sales Team

01223 492081

Gurley 4340 Smoothness Tester and Densometer