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Measures sheet smoothness and air porosity

Manual, low pressure and high pressure. Selection of orifice sizes available. Used for various sheet materials in pulp and paper and non woven industries. Manual, low pressure, high pressure versions and a selection of orifice sizes available.

Densometers are the accepted standard for measuring the porosity, air-permeability or air resistance of sheet-like materials such as papers, wovens, plastics and membranes. Certain models, such as the Gurley S-P-S Tester, are also used to measure surface smoothness and material softness.

TAPPI T-460, BS 5926, ISO 5636/5, D-202-77, ASTM D-726-58 & APPITA/AS 1301-420,
SCAN P19 & P53, CPPA D-14

The densometer test measures the time required for a given volume of air (25-300 cm3) to flow through a standard area of material under light, uniform pressure. Densometer readings can be evaluated on either a direct or indirect basis, depending on the material and the purpose of the test. They are a direct test of materials that are intended either to resist or allow the passage of air and indirect test if they are used to measure other physical properties that affect the flow of air through a porous sheet.


  • Manufacturing and printing to control the selection of materials and ensure the appropriate degree of liquid (ink, varnish, sizing) absorption
  • Testing of filters, porous bags and materials where controlled porosity is essential
  • Testing insulating materials for air resistance
  • As a supplement to other physical tests, to enable the manufacturing process to produce materials with the desired formation, appearance or strength with there being a close correlation between air permeability and these other properties of the material


  • Model 4110N GURLEY Densometer
    • For measuring porosity and air permeability in materials of average values. A 20 oz. cylinder with 1.0 square inch orifice lower clamp plate and upper adapter. The cylinder is graduated to 25cc for the first two spaces and 50cc for each further space. A total of 300cc.
  • Model 4118N GURLEY Densometer
    • For measuring porosity, permeability and air resistance in fabrics and other more permeable materials. The unit has a 5 oz. cylinder and 0.1 sq. in. clamp and adapter plates
  • Model 4190N GURLEY S-P-S Tester
    • For measuring smoothness, porosity and softness or compressibility
  • Model 4140N GURLEY Densometer
    • With weighted arm assembly for high-pressure measurement
  • Model 4150N High Pressure GURLEY Densometer
    • Includes a 1.0 sq. in. clamping plate, adapter and porosity calibration plate
  • Model 4320DN – Digital Timing Attachment
    • Specifically designed for standard densometers and high-pressure models. The attachment increases the accuracy and productivity of the densometers and provides recording and computing capabilities to minimise the possibility of operator error.
    • Both RS-232 and Centronics outputs are available for a variety of devices such as most printers and PCs.
  • Additional features of Model 4320DN include:
    • Automatic and manual program options
    • Calculation of mean and standard deviation
    • Built-in calibration program
    • Easy-to-read graphic display
    • Programmable
    • Date/time stamp
    • Automatic sensitivity calibration

Features on all Models:

  • With electronic timer – easy to upgrade later
  • A range of measuring surfaces – 0.1, 0.25 or 1 in
  • A range of volumes – 10, 100 or 300 cm3


  • Different clamp and adapter plates to give 0.25 or 0.1 square inch test area
  • Different cylinders
  • Automatic digital timer – automatically times the passage of air through the sheet
  • Instrument base – for the ready levelling of the instrument

Physical specifications:

  • Dimensions – 20 x 21.5 x 43 cm (W x L x H)
  • Net weight – Varies from 5 to 10 kg

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Gurley Standard Densometers
Gurley Standard Densometers

Contact Our Sales Team

01223 492081

Gurley Standard Densometers
Gurley Standard Densometers