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Measures roughness and air permeance according to the Bendtsen method

Measures the roughness and air permeability according to the Bendtsen method and Gurley porosity is calculated from the measured values.

Standards: ISO 5636-3, ISO 8791-2, TAPPI UM 535, SCAN P21, SCAN P60

Built on a sturdy aluminum frame, the device has a built in touch-screen and microprocessor and equipped with up to 3 measuring heads for top and bottom roughness measurements and for air permeability.
The flow rate range is 25 – 5000 ml/sec. and other flow rates ranges are available on request.

Test description
The sample to be tested is placed in the measuring area. By pushing the start button on the touch screen the measurement cylinders lower onto the sample. The measuring head is set free and actuated by gravity.

A pressure difference is generated between the inner measuring head and the environment and the device detects the air that’s flowing out between the blade of the measuring head and the sample. As soon as the flow is stable the device shows the values in ml/sec on the display.

The air permeability head lowers on the surface of the sample as well and locks the measuring area towards the outer air. An air stream through the paper is established and as soon as the flow rate is stable the device shows the values in ml/min and in Gurley seconds (calculated) on the display.

Width 270 Net; 450 Gross
Depth 680 Net; 800 Gross
Height [mm] 600 Net; 800 Gross
Weight [kg] 28 Net; 43 Gross
Electricity 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz AC
Air 600 kPa
Fully automated measuring cycle Flow rate of 5-1000ml (other or extended flow rates upon request)
Up to two measuring heads: roughness top and air permeability Test pressure selectable according to standard: 0,74kPa, 1,47kPa, 2,20kPa
Statistic with graphs, max, min, mean, standard deviation Photocell detection of the sample, with automatic start of the measurement
RS232 and USB port, Windows based software, CE mark Holder for automatic alignment of the sample made from acrylic glass
Automatic compensation of atmospheric pressure Paper thickness range from 60 g/m2 up to 200 g/m2 and from 40 µm to 200 µm thickness
Testing heads for air permeability and for roughness with photo detection cell Display of the values (Instrument with 2 heads) and calculation of the Gurley values in seconds.

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Rycolab Bendtsen Roughness and Air Permeance Tester