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Automated single-purpose printability tester, designed especially to perform the Westvaco Pick Test

Dedicated to the Westvaco Pick test, with a single printing shaft and doctoring system.

This unit is standard delivered with a camera and Picktest analysis system, as well as the complete test set to perform the Westvaco Pick test.

It is an ideal replacement for the now obsolete Global Standard Tester 1W.

Single printing shaft Constant speed Accelerating speed
Combination of both speed profiles in one test method Interval on multi-revolution prints Camera for image recording
Optional analysis of pick ISO 3783 Heliotest Mottling
Print penetration IGT roughness and hydro-expansivity Doctoring station for gravure printing
User programmable Recording of test data and settings Export of data on USB stick
Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 100 cm
Space requirements 0.7 m²
Analysis options IGT Roughness, Pick ISO 3783
Camera Yes
Nr. of doctoring systems None, Westvaco Rod System only
IGT Amsterdam W Printability Tester