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For Determining the Absorbancy of Liquids by Paper and Boards

Determines the absorption of liquids, such as water, aqueous solutions, oils, varnishes and others, by paper, cardboard and corrugated cardboard from the top and bottom sides within a predetermined time.

Standards: ISO 535, Scan P-37:77 Scan P12, Tappi 441 and Fefco nr. 7

A sample is prepared and weighted and the time of the cobb test measurement is set on the electronic stopwatch. The liquid container is filled with the test liquid and the sample is positioned between the container and the cover.

The container and cover are locked and with the help of the handle, the container is rotated 180 degrees, after which the stopwatch is automatically activated: the liquid is then in contact with the sample.

When the audible tone marks the end of the preset test period, the container must be immediately rotated back into its starting position. The container is opened and the sample placed onto the pressing plate. The excessive liquid that is still held by the sample is pressed out of the sample by means of the pressing roller. Immediately the weight of the sample is measured again.

The amount of liquid absorbed by the sample is determined by weighing the sample before and after wetting. The amount of water applied to the sample in an area of one square meter is calculated. This is the absorbency measurement.

The volume is indicated in g/m2. The tests are to be carried out at the same standard climatic conditions, at which the preparation of the samples was carried out.

Model SFT 03t Model SFT 03t 22
For paper and cardboard For building boards with a thickness up to 22mm
Max. 4mm Max. 22mm
Determines water absorption according to COBB DIN EN 20 535 Quenching roller and plate
Base plate with pillow block that holds a stopwatch Electronic timer
Handle to rotate the container unit 180 degrees Sample cutting template
Container lock (tension adjustable for samples with a different thickness) Blotting paper
Container with cover 100 ml measuring cup

Weight: 5.5 kg
Inner diameter of the cylinder: 112.8 mm Cylinder height: 44.0 mm
Test area: 100 cm²

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IGT Cobb Sizing Tester
IGT Cobb Sizing Tester