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Measuring how water, or font solutions, emulsifies with printing ink

Designed specifically for measuring how water, or fount solutions, emulsifies with printing ink. It is able to measure maximum water uptake, rheological changes in the ink due to water and for studying ink / fount solution compatibility. The system is not designed to measure absolute tack of ink.

The test method of the HydrOscope is based on the emulsification of ink and fountain solution on a roller system, similar to the conditions on a printing press.

In terms of droplet size and distribution, the emulsified ink from the HydrOscope is fundamentally different from that obtained on “water pick-up testers” based on a design with stirrers.

The printing emulsion prepared with the HydrOscope method offers a much greater correlation with emulsified ink conditions as found on the press itself and therefore meaningful comparisons can be made. The concept of the HydrOscope enables the user to build a comprehensive database based on the known performance of ink-fount combinations and offers the ability to detect and predict combinations, which can cause ink/water related problems during printing.


  • Use small amounts of ink to make a measurement.
  • On-line view of measurements with zoom-in on details
  • Water droplet size in ink similar to ink-train in printing press
  • Ink film comparable to the ink film on the ink rollers of the press
Emulsification capacity = maximum water-uptake Indication for over-emulsification
Changes in rheology due to the water Water release
Fount/ink compatibility Option: Ability of ink/fount to clean the plate
Indication of bonded water – water saturation point Emulsification vs. Spitting
Determination of the “water window”
Automated measurement procedure Accurate standard speed control from 0-50 m/min
Computer controlled fount dispensing Operator panel for instructions of programmable test
Fast set-up and low training requirements Durable construction
Low maintenance Computer link
Syringe volume 20ml (storage fountain solution) Software offers a comparison of data against standard inks or fount
Zoom functions for more detail Export to excel

Technical Data

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 325 x 770 x 315 mm
  • Electrical connection: 110-115 or 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 350 Watts max.
  • Net Weight: 70kg
  • Shipping weight: 118kg


  • Plate Cleaning Unit (Ref: 860.1200.000)
  • HydrOscope 3 band NIR (near infra-red sensor) (Ref: 860.1400.000)
  • Torque sensor module (Ref: 860.0900.000)

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