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Measures viscosity of varnish, high viscous oils & paste printing inks between 2 and 200 Pas

Measures the viscosity of viscous materials, especially of varnish, high viscous oils and paste printing inks between 2 and 200 Pas.

In principle, it measures the relative viscosity of two parallel surfaces, separated by a thin film of the measured material when a certain force (weight) is applied on the rod. This movement is hindered by the viscosity of the measured material; the falling time is measured with different weights.

Used in: Ink making, ink mixing raw materials (quality control)


  • Measures viscosity according to the falling rod principle
  • Conforms to ISO 12644 or DIN 53222
  • Measures a time to fall of viscous fluids between two points with a distance of 100mm
  • Dimensions of the rod and collar are very accurate
  • Both rod and collar can be temperature controlled by means of a water bath.

Manual and Automated Laray Visometers are supplied with:

  • Laray rod 130g
  • basis weights of 50, 100, 500 g
  • ringweights of 100 and 200g (covers 50 – 1000 g in 50 g steps)
  • PC data transfer and viscosity calculation software
  • Laray Viscometer Automated only: automatic calculation of viscosity in specific software in an integrated computer. Presents the shear rate and shear stress in a graph.


When switching on the Laray Viscometer, the measuring mode of the instrument is indicated by a red LED light. The rod holder is brought into a horizontal position by using a lever.  After this the rod is thrust in under a slight rotation through the tube up to the limit stop of the rod holder.

The conical surface of the top of the proofing ring can now be filled with the liquid to be measured. It is important to continuously rotate the rod to cover all the surfaces. After resetting the timer the measuring procedure can be started. This is done by releasing the rod holder by rotating the lever. The rod slides through the tube and passes the precision sensors. The travel time between the two sensors is measured. The results are then put in a viscosity diagram with the help of the viscosity calculation software.

A minimum of four measured points with different weights are required.

Accurate known dimensions of the rod and collar Complies with EC directives
Delivered with base weights 100g and 500g Additional weights available of 100g and 200g
Supplied with PC data transfer and viscosity calculation software Computer controlled process
Simple operation & easy to move Reliable and good reproducibility
Simple operation & easy to move Weight 12Kg
HxWxD 450x250x250mm Electrical: 115-230 V / 50-60 Hz

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IGT Laray Viscometer
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