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Microprocessor controlled tear tester with testing capacities up to 25,000g

Manufactured by Thwing Albert, the instrument is specifically designed for heavy duty substrates and equipped with pneumatic pendulum release, statistical analysis of results and with a choice of interchangeable pendulums.

The Elmendorf Tear Testers are essential in materials quality control, providing more information on tearing properties than any other instrument. They are recognised as the worldwide standard and are the best way to accurately measure the tear resistance of heavy duty sheet materials.

The tearing resistance of a material is measured via the transference of the potential energy stored in the raised pendulum to kinetic energy. A portion of this energy is absorbed during the tearing of the sample and is used as a measure of the material’s resistance to a continuing tear. The force required to tear the sample is reported as a percentage of the pendulum capacity.

The heavy duty tester offers capacity configurations ranging from standard 6,400g increasing to 25,000g. Capacities are changed quickly and easily by adding augmenting weights, a configuration that eliminates the necessity for multiple pendulums and simplifies the testing of different materials.

Standards: DIN 53862; DIN 53128; ISO 1974; ASTM D295; D751; D1424; D1922; TAPPI T-414; T-496; BS 4253; BS 4468; CPPA D.9; SCAN P-11

User-friendly, one-touch software test results include tear strength, tear per ply, average tear strength and tear index
rapid sample data entry – thickness, basis weight, sample id and sample direction configurable display of test parameters, results and reports
ability to delete and restore test results results displayed as a percentage of pendulum capacity, g, lb and mN
statistics including average, high, low, standard deviation, range and variance Digital encoder ensures accurate results
0.2% accuracy of the pendulum capacity RS-232 data output
One-touch pneumatic clamping and pendulum release
Augmenting weights quick change of pendulum capacities to 12,800 – 25,600g
Calibration weights 6,400g to verify instrument calibration
Spencer Impact Attachment measures the impact resistance of various materials, typically plastic film. Complies with ASTM D3420
Data acquisition software (DAS) to capture serial data, customise them for specific requirements and then transfer them to any Windows application. Enables creation of graphs and reports that automatically update with real-time data
Capacity Heavy duty – 6,400, 12,800 and 25,600g
Accuracy Heavy duty ± 0.2% of pendulum capacity
Result reporting Electronic digital through encoder
Results units Electronic % of pendulum capacity, g, lb, mN
Specimen clamp Pneumatic or manual
Pendulum release Pneumatic
Statistical analysis Mean value, standard deviation, highest, lowest values, variance
Display 4 line by 16-character backlit LCD
Test memory 99
Air supply Compressed air 6 bar
Power supply 110 V, 50/60 Hz; 220/230 V, 50 Hz; 240 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption Operating maximum 600 W. Standby maximum 12 W
Operating/storage environment Air temperature operating 10-50 °C; Storage 25-70 °C
Relative humidity operating 10-85% (non-condensing) storage 5-90% (non-condensing)
(W x L x H) 48 x 58 x 40 cm
Net weight 16.8 kg (basic device less pendulum and weight)

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Protear Elmendorf Heavy Duty Tearing Tester
Thwing Albert – Rycobel

Thwing Albert – Rycobel

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