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A rapid and precise way to evaluate the tear resistance of sheet materials

Ideal for paper, textiles, roofing products, plastic film, and foils.
There are three ProTear models to choose from – Mechanical, Electronic and Heavy Duty with a total capacity range from 200 – 25,600 grams.

ProTear Elmendorf Electronic Tear Tester has a new touch-screen, for running the tests and tracking the data. There are two different pendulums, plus additional augmenting weights, offering several capacity configurations.

Features of the Electronic ProTear:

  • Touch-screen menu
  • Optional automatic pendulum return
  • Toolless, easy mount pendulums and augmenting weights
  • One-touch pneumatic clamping and pendulum release
  • Electronic levelling sensor, for accurate setup
  • Configurable display, for results and reporting
  • Test Results can be displayed in 1 of 4 selectable units – gf, lbf, % or N
  • Multi-port connections, for data export
  • Compatible with MAP4 Software, for advanced analysis

Standards ASTM D295, D752, D4247, D1424, D1922, D5734, TAPPI T414, T496
BS 2782, 4253, 4468, CPPA D.9, DIN 53862, 53128, ISO 1974,6383-2, 9290, EN21974, SCAN P11

Operation and Functionality
The sample is secured in the clamps. An initial tear is made with the attached blade and the pendulum released. The tearing resistance of the material is measured through the transference of the potential energy stored in the raised pendulum, to kinetic energy.

A portion of the energy is absorbed during the tearing of the sample and is used as a measure of the material’s resistance to a continuing tear. The energy required to tear the sample is recorded as a percentage of the pendulum capacity, or force.

The Electronic ProTear calculates test results and statistics automatically and displays them immediately. Data can be exported to a PC and directly printed. Alternatively they can be further analysed using MAP4 Materials Testing Software.

  • Easy-mount technology for the pendulum installation does not require tools, which enables the capacity to be changed quickly
  • Testing capacity ranges from 200g – 12,800g allowing for a variety of applications with one machine
  • Touch-screen display allows for quick clamping and testing
  • Precision and accuracy of the test are increased by capturing data digitally in real-time
  • Units of measurement preferences can be set on screen
  • Functions include data entry of sample information, sample ID, thickness, basis weight, sample direction, number of plies being torn
  • Test results include tear strength, tear per ply, average tear strength and tear index
  • Quickly enter sample data – thickness, basis weight, sample ID, sample direction
  • Obtain results as percent of pendulum capacity, grams, pounds or millinewtons
  • Calculated statistics – average, high, low, standard deviation, range & variance
  • Configurable results and reports.
Capacity 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12,800 gsm
Accuracy ± 0.2% of pendulum capacity
Statistical analysis Mean value, standard deviation, highest, lowest values, variance
Specimen clamp Pneumatic
Pendulum release Pneumatic
Power supply 120 - 230 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 18A
Air temperature Operating 10 to 50 °C. Storage -25 to 70 °C
Relative humidity Operating 10-85% (non-condensing) Storage 5-90% (non-condensing)
Pendulum Type Maximum Range
1/4 A (E) 0 - 2000 mN / 0 - 200 gf
1/2 A (F) 0 - 4000 mN / 0 - 400 gf
A 0 - 8000 mN / 0 - 800 gf
B 0 - 16000 mN / 0 - 1600 gf
C 0 - 32000 mN / 0 - 3200 gf
D 0 - 64000 mN / 0 - 6400 gf
Test Results can be displayed in 1 of 4 selectable units – gf, lbf, % or N.

New Optional Feature
From July 2021 they is a new, optional feature, which enhances the capability of the instrument, by automatically returning the pendulum to the start position after a test is complete. It removes the need for the operator to catch the pendulum on its backswing and to manually reset. The new feature also reduces the chance of injury and fatigue, especially when carrying out a large amout of testing.

Physical specifications:
584 x 483 x 406 mm; Net weight 16.8 kg

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Electronic Elmendorf ProTear
Electronic Elmendorf ProTear

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