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Motion, Analysis and Presentation

A powerful new software package which gives the user huge flexibility to customise their own material’s testing procedures and subsequent reporting. Compatible with the Thwing Albert Vantage and Vantage NX Tensile Testers, the FP-2260 Friction/Peel Tester and the Handle-O-Meter.

Dynamic Motion Control, Detailed Analysis & Power to Present
MAP-4™ is a comprehensive advanced materials testing software system used for many applications. No need for expensive add-on modules. This new version takes the MAP software platform to a new level of excellence. Easy to use – it is now possible to design, customize and maximize your testing procedures and  final output with simple menus. Write custom scripts based from templates or from scratch.

MAP-4 supercedes the previously available MAP & Simplicity software.

The new Generation of  Materials Testing Software

  • View Realtime Graphical Test Results
  • User Customizable Test Methods
  • Create Custom Presentation Templates
  • Share Video and Sound Training
  • Control Your Test Result Display
  • Simplify Analysis by Tracking Variables
  • Group Statistics for Powerful Analysis
  • Easy Unit Conversion Built-In
  • Multi-Lingual System Capabilities

Thwing-Albert’s MAP-4 software comes equipped with preset standards available for use out of the box.

Test methods are built-in to the program for various applications including tension, compression, peel, tear, friction, and with the ability to customize the user is able to design testing precisely to meet their own requirement. When it comes to flexibility and capability, MAP-4 software is equipped to test a variety of materials including paper, plastic, rubber, textiles, medical devices, seals and foam.

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating Systems. Includes FREE technical support for one year.

Configurable Test Result Display Customize the Result screen
Tracking Variables Track results, search the database, group data on screen
Set Pass/Fail Conditions Increases productivity by alerting users when results are out of specification
User Customisable Methods Template creation – administrators and users with software privileges
Design & build complex scripts that control every aspect of the test method
Group Statistics Group results using tracking variable to see statistics on each group
SQL Database Easy to edit test results can be questioned, recalled & exported to Excel
Built-in Library of Test Standards Includes test methods from ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, DIN & Others. Simple customisation
Password Protection Supervisors can setup user groups and individuals software privileges
Language Database English, Spanish, German & French
Training Video & Sound training videos can be added to test templates to help guide users through the test method

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MAP 4 Software
MAP 4 Software
MAP 4 Software
Thwing Albert – Rycobel

Thwing Albert – Rycobel

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