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Semi-automatic sheet former for the production of laboratory handsheets

Complete including a large 200mm diameter sheet mold, pressing and dryers. Additional dryers and white water return options available. With 2 dryer, a user can produce 24 handsheets per hour.

This semi-automatic sheet former is used to generate laboratory hand sheets, using the Rapid-Kothen method for measuring the physical and/or optical properties of pulp sheets. Owing to its robustness, precision, reliability and high degree of repeatability, the equipment is ideal for both production control and R&D.

The unit has a multi-function water circuit for the stock container. This is capable of passing both dilution and white water and operating with either an open or closed loop. The closed loop is an option that can save white water and the costly additives it contains as well as reduce the overall volume of waste water.

The two standard dryers are controlled by adjustable timers, which enable a production of up to 24 sheets per hour. The unit is equipped with closed loop hot and cold water circuits for dryers that reduce the water consumption.

Standards: ISO 5269/2, NBR 14380/99, TAPPI T-205, DIN 54358, ZM V/8/76


  • Ergonomically mounted control panel with adjustable timers for mixing, agitation, forming and drying
  • All parts in contact with water or dust are made of stainless steel
  • Compressed air agitator mounted in the stock container base to ensure perfect mixing of the pulp suspension
  • Used in more than 135 production and research laboratories all over the world
Vacuum pump – High efficiency rotatory vane vacuum pump up to 65 l/min at 120 mbar Hot water – Hot water circuit for dryer (closed loop) up to 12 l/min at 97 °C
Cold water – Cold water circuit for dryer (closed loop) up to 2 l/min at 18 °C Power supply – 220 VAC, 50 Hz
Air connection – 6 bar instrument quality/0.1 m3/h Water connection – 3 bar/0.25 m3/h
Drain connection required Power consumption – 4000 W
Additional dryers Closed loop on white water
Water filter Unit without integrated cooling
Square 100 cm2 stock container 100% fully bleached chemical pulp blotters
Laboratory hand sheets – Circular hand sheets 315 cm2/diameter 200 mm Container – 12 l Plexiglass stock container
Dryers – Two dryers producing up to 24 dry sheets per hour Dimensions – 190 x 70 x 200 cm (W x D x H)
Net weight – 350 kg

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Rapid Kothen Sheet Former – Semi Automatic