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Laboratory vibrating table for simulated transport tests on cartons

User adjustable carton restraints up to 500 x 500mm footprint. Selectable vibration frequency of 2 – 5 Hz.

The Vibramax 1100 is designed to subject small shipping packages to the constant vibration endured when being transported. The user is able to assess both internal & external package performance.

Complies with ISO 2247/B & ASTM D999/A1 test standards.

The test platform can hold a package up to 500mm x 500mm footprint and a maximum of 75kgs. It moves in a 25.4mm peak to peak vertical sinusoidal motion and applies a uniform vibration input over the entire test package.

The vibration frequency is linearly adjustable within the range of 2 – 5Hz & 120 – 300rpm, so a package can be tested under the exact resonance frequency experienced in transit. Enables maximum destructive performance in the shortest test time.

A control panel is remote from shaker unit for operator safety and comfort.

Physical specifications

  • Power requirement: 220VAC / 50/60Hz / 1Ph / 1.25kW
  • Instrument Dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 600mm ( W x L x H )
  • Nett Weight: 155kg


  • Test platform (750 x 750) mm
  • Custom made restraining fences

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Regmed Vibramax Package Shaker VMX-1100
Regmed Vibramax Package Shaker VMX-1100
Regmed – Rycobel

Regmed – Rycobel