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Package shaker for the laboratory simulation of the transport environment

Regmed Vibramax VMX-1100R is a small sized rotary package shaker that helps to simulate some of the typical hazards presented in shipping and distribution.

Applicable standards: ISO 2247 A/B . ASTM D-999/A2

The rigid platform, with adjustable restraining fences, moves in a 25.4 mm peak-to-peak rotary, sinusoidal motion and applies a uniform vibration over the entire test specimen. The external and internal impact on the packaging can be assessed with this method.

The vibration frequency is linearly adjustable, within the range of 2-5 Hz, so that the package can be tested under the exact resonance frequency it will be subjected to transit. This means that the maximum destructive performance can be assessed in the shortest testing time.

The rugged machine design ensures reliable operation, maximum durability and minimum maintenance. There is a remote control panel for comfortable and safe operation.

Technical specifications

  • Maximal capacity: 75 kg
  • Test Platform: 750mm x 750 mm
  • Double amplitude test displacement: 25.4 mm
  • Adjustable test frequency 2-5 Hz

Physical specifications

  • Power supply: 220 VCA, 50 / 60 Hz, 1.5 kW, single phase
  • Dimensions: (900 x 900 x 900) mm (W x L x H)
  • Net Weight: 160 kg


  • Custom made restraining fences

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Regmed Vibramax Package Shaker VMX-1100R
Regmed Vibramax Package Shaker VMX-1100R
Regmed – Rycobel

Regmed – Rycobel