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Prepares 100 cm² circular samples of paper, cardboard, textile and other materials

Ideal for tests to determine grammage and other properties.
Standard cutting area 100 cm² produced by three blades cutting simultaneously.

The unit has an electric drive, with an easy push down operation, to avoid load and fatigue injuries to wrists and elbows of the operators. Powered either by batteries, or direct electric supply. CE marked.

Cutting thickness up to 7 mm.
Also available in smaller sizes: 50 cm² or less.

When used in combination with the correct cutting mat, this easy to use cutter creates a perfect circular cut from a very wide range of materials, such as mattress ticking, coated carpet tiles, artificial turf, technical textiles as well as woven, knitted and coated materials.

Included accessories
Power source, Allen wrench to replace the blades, spare set of blades, support mat for cutting.

Mains / Rechargeable battery

Physical Dimensions
210 x 210 x 160 (W x L x H)
4.8 kg

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Rycolab Electrical Circular Cutter