Key areas of testing – permeability and strength.

Air Permeability
The Rycolab Air Permeability Tester is a floor standing unit that, amongst other materials, measures air the permeability in industrial fabrics, technical materials, nonwovens, paper, felts and other types of materials used in the manufacture of face masks. Read more . .

Vantage NX Tensile Tester
Tensile testers are designed to perform a wide variety of tests (compression, bending, tearing, peeling) and mechanical tests.

Indispensable during the COVID-19 crisis, they test the traction and tensile strength of rubber and fabric/tissue of the masks to discover their resistance. Likewise, the universal tensile tester can test the sealing resistance of the masks. Read more . .

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Covid Medical Face Mask Testing
Rycolab Air Permeability Tester
Covid Medical Face Mask Testing