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One-off site visit by the manufacturer

There may be occasions when the only solution to a repair, or service & calibration emergency is a one-off site visit by the manufacturer.

Our Telephone Help Line
The law of inconvenience is just as happy in the work place as our private lives. So when the breakdown happens at that crucial moment, please call 01223 492081 and talk us through what’s happening – or rather what’s not happening that should be.

We might not be able to solve the problem there and then, but we can quickly get in touch with the manufacturer’s engineers and explore your options. Sometimes that’s a quick and temporary fix to get you through your essential test period. At others we’re the bearer of bad news, but with the return to base answer to fix it. Email for more.

For free standing laboratory equipment, a bespoke site visit is possible and at the same time, rare. It is usually more cost effective for the instrument to be crated and returned to the manufacturer’s workshop, where all of the specialised test rigs and spare parts are to hand.

The charge for an on-site repair also carries the full travel and accommodation costs of the engineer, which are reduced when shared equally amongst participants in an on-site service tour.

For integrated equipment, a bespoke site visit is likely to be the only solution. In this instance, we will facilitate a detailed discussion between you and the manufacturer, to make sure that the problem is fully understood. The engineer can then visit the site fully briefed about the situation and prepared with all of the equipment and spare parts they are likely to need.

Tendring Physical Testing Help Line
01223 492081 or

Bespoke Site Visit
Bespoke Site Visit