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It isn’t always possible to easily identify the cause of a unit failure. And the true source of the problem can often be something different from the issue presenting. One failed part may be only one of the elements needing to be renewed.

We therefore don’t recommend on site repairs. It’s not possible for the visiting engineer to carry the same test equipment, or spare parts, that they have back at base. Nor will they have access to all of the related tools and test rigs. Returning your instrument to the manufacturer’s certified service centre is the swiftest and most cost effective option.

Service and Calibration
We organise a number of on-site service tours for Rycobel and IGT engineers. This is a vital way for many busy customers to have their equipment serviced and calibrated annually, with minimal disruption to their testing schedule.

Should those timings not be convenient, it is possible to ship your equipment back to base for its service and calibration. The flow of communication follows the same procedures as for a return to base repair.

What to do if your equipment breaks down or develops a fault
If you’re having a problem with one of your test units, please contact us with the serial number, details of the equipment and a description of the problem you’re experiencing.

We’ll then liaise with the manufacturer, in case of any special instructions, before giving you details of the shipping address and packing details.

Initial Assessment and Costs
When the unit arrives, it will be given an initial assessment by an engineer. We will forward those details to you, along with a listing of essential and recommended actions and costs. In many instances that will include a full service and calibration, as the new parts are likely to impact on the performance of the unit.

The work will be started as soon as we receive your Purchase Order and you will be kept up to date with progress. Return shipping can be via your own courier, or the manufacturer can provide a quote.

It is your responsibility to pack the unit safely for shipping and in a crate that will also withstand the return journey. If the manufacturer is unsure whether the instrument will be sufficiently protected during the return, they will recrate the item and add a packing charge.

For further help or to book a return to base repair, please contact us on 01223 492081, or via

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