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We want you to get the best performance from any of the physical testing instruments you purchase through us. And we start that relationship, by only representing and offering equipment from high quality manufacturers with a great international reputation.

Installation and Set Up
Particulalry with an instrument that you’re unfamiliar with, set up and working out how to use it correctly, can sometimes feel rather daunting. And can leave a nagging doubt about whether you’re doing things correctly.

To quickly help you through that phase, we offer installation and training as an option on all of our larger instruments. An engineer trained and certified by the relevant manufacturer will unpack and set up the equipment, before running through the key features that are relevant for all of the tests you’ll be performing. Call 01223 492081 to find out more.

Service, Calibration & Maintenance
To keep your instrument within specification and running at its best, we recommend regular service and calibration. And to minimise your down time, we offer both an on-site and a return to base option. To find out more, scroll to the services options below, or click the in copy links.

Should your instruments get damaged, or fail, we can help you get back up and running quickly with our return to base repairs. These are either carried out in the approved workshop of the manufacturer, or their approved European contact point.

With full diagnostic equipment and most spare parts to hand, they are able to effect repairs quickly and return the units serviced and calibrated within a two week period and often faster when required.

Equipment Training for New Staff
Training operators and supervisors is key for the correct and efficient operation of your equipment. New staff can of course be taught by old hands, but over the years, bad habits and misunderstandings can creep in and bad habits also get passed on.

Please give us a call if you would like to explore how a refresher course could benefit your team and the accuracy of your test results.

For more information, please call 01223 492081 or email

Repair, Service & Calibration, Installation and Training