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Capstan grips are designed to hold ropes and ribbons during tensile testing, primarily relying on friction to hold the specimen. The guide rollers enable a slow, notch free stress relief helping to prevent the specimen breaking prematurely in the clamping mechanism.

Designed for ropes and ribbons up to 50kN as standard, with 100kN, 150kN, 200KN versions also available, with modified diameters of the guide rollers.

Manual clamping is standard, with pneumatic clamping version also available.

Delivered as a pair of rope grips.

Recommended rope diameter 5 – 20 mm Ø Ribbons maximal width 12 mm
Minimal specimen length 1500 mm Pyramid jaws, 1.2 x 45°, 58HRC
Jaws clamping surface HxW 70×30 mm Ø Guide roller 162 mm Ø
Temperature range 0°C – 130°C (othere available on request) Body: steel with manganese phosphate coating
Weight 13.9 kg each grip

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Capstan Rope Grips