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Billerud type pneumatic sample cutter for ECT

The pneumatic cutting of the ECT Cutter – Billerud Type, guarantees clean and parallel cuts. The cutting system has two parallel blades, each with only one edge, to ensure samples without lateral deformation.

There is a special inlet to facilitate the introduction of the sample to be tested and there is automatic sample rejection.

An easy unit to operate. There are 2 models available for 25mm samples, or 2 inch samples. Maximum sample thickness,15 mm. CE marked.

Applicable standards: ISO 3037, TAPPI T838, T839, etc

Connection: Air supply with 600 kPa max
Weight & Dimensions: 10kg, 610 x 250 x 140mm (WxLxH)

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ECT Cutter – Billerud Type
ECT Cutter – Billerud Type