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De-inking of recycled paper. Designed for small batch production

A cell for evaluating the processes required to de-ink reycled paper. Designed for small batch production, the laboratory de-inking cell is expressly designed for evaluating the procedures, chemicals and processes required in the processing of recycled paper. The Flotation De-Inking Cell provides ink removal efficiencies similar to commercial scale units through precise control of injection flow and pressure.


  • The cell can be used in conjunction with Laboratory Pulpers and Screw Press to conduct extensive testing of recycled fibre systems
  • Flotation cell is mounted on a rugged aluminium frame and is shipped ready to use Circulation loop is constructed of 0.75 inch PVC
  • Control of stock circulation pressure, air pressure and air flow All wetted parts are made of stainless steel or corrosion resistant materials
  • Median sample size – 280 grams @1% consistency
  • Median operating volume – 28 litres


  • Stainless Steel circulation loop
  • Heater


  • Electrical – 230V / 1Ph / 50Hz
  • Air – instrument at 6 bar

Physical Specification:

  • Dimensions – 460mm x 1010mm x 970mm ( W x L x H )
  • Nett Weight – 57kg

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Floatation De-ink Cell