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For the pilot beating of pulps in QC and R&D laboratories

The Jakro JK-21 laboratory beater has six sets of beating units, mounted on a horizontal, revolving table. This performs a planetary movement around the central shaft to ensure a perfectly homogenous beating of the sample.

Each unit consists of a beating box, a grooved roll and lid, all made from hard bronze. This ensures reliability and repeatability. The compact design and rugged, precise construction guarantees long, safe operating periods and a minimal need for maintenance.

Applicable standards:· DIN 54360

Major Technical Characteristics

  • Each standard beating unit can refine up to 16g of pulp, diluted to a consistency of 6%
  • The Jk-21 can operate simultaneously with 2, 3, 4 and 6 sets of standard beating units, symmetrically arranged
  • The planetary system is driven by a 1.1 kW (1.5 HP), 3-phase, asynchronous, IP55 gear motor and controlled by a frequency inverter
  • The integrated control panel shows the operating rotation and there is a programable timer (up to 999 min) with automatic shut-off
  • The programmed acceleration slope of the frequency inverter, ensures an automatic soft start. High torque and high revolution. The equipment can be started fully loaded.

Optional accessories: Filter for water model GS200UV – 5L/min according to ISO 14487
Power supply: 220 VCA, 60 Hz, 1.1 kW, single phase. Others available on request.

Dimensions: (1100 x 900 x 900) mm (W x L x H) Weight: 475 kg

For further information, please contact our sales team on 01223 492081 or via

Laboratory Pulp Beater – Jokro Type
Regmed – Rycobel

Regmed – Rycobel