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Determines tensile resistance in dry or wet state, elongation and tensile energy absorption (TEA) in paper or tissue

Applicable standards
ISO 1924-2, UNE-EN ISO12625-4/5, TAPPI T456, T494, PAPTAC D34, BS4415/2, etc.

Device description
This device is delivered with a built-in touch screen and controlled by an industrial computer. All parts are built into a sturdy frame. Measuring range up to 1000N with an accuracy of ±1% of the displayed value. Automatic test cycle with break detection and after break automatic return to starting position. Easy to select test on the display.

Test description
The user chooses the test to be performed on the touch screen. The clamps automatically drive into position. Now the sample support is placed into the space between the clamps and the sample is placed. The sample is automatically detected and the clamps close.

According the test the sample is either watered for the pre-set time, pulled out of the water and stretched till it breaks or it is directly stretched. The figures, curves, statistics with max, min, mean as well as the standard deviation are shown on the touch screen and can be printed. The clamps automatically open and return into start position after testing.

The software comes with the pre-installed tests as they are described in the standards. Company specific tests can be set as well. All the parameters like testing speed, testing length, breaking- and pre-load levels can be adjusted individually. The software can be set
into different languages.

Easy to operate due to touchscreen controls Test speed adjustable between 0.2 and 330 mm/sec
Automatic sample detection and automatic return into initial position Multiple safety installations (limit switch, photocell barrier, emergency switch)
RS232 and USB interface Water or standard tensile tests
Regular software updates Accuracy: < 1% of the applied force (between 2% and 100% of the FS)
Resolution: Force: 0.0004% of the FS, Travel: ± 0.01mm
Load Cells: 150.00 or 1000 N Calibration kit
Display (service menu) and some graphs on another menu Clamps can be used for 15 mm, 25 mm or 50 mm wide samples
Water bath for wet tensile measurements. 50 mm wide stripes can be measured. 50 mm up to 180 mm distance between the clamps selectable

Connections: Electricity: 230 V, 50 Hz AC; Air: 600 kP

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