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Determines the Internal Bonding Force of Paper, Board & Compound Materials

The Rycolab Internal Bond Tester uses the dynamic measuring principle to determine the internal bond strength of a range of materials, according to the Scott Bond method.

Standards: TAPPI T 569, TAPPI T 833

Microprocessor controlled and with a built-in digital display, the high quality encoder delivers accurate measurements. Reproducibility is further increased through the use of the automatic sample preparation station.

Choice of Pendulums The standard configuration is supplied with a medium range pendulum (1.050 J/m²). Heavier (2.100 J/m²) and lighter (525 J/m²) pendulums are available.  The pendulum mechanism automatically pulls the pendulum back to starting position before the test is carried out.

Sample Preparation There is a choice of a manual, or automatic sample preparation station. Five support bases, five aluminium angles and a roll of double sided tape (25.4 mm x 32.91 m) are included with the instrument. See below for further links.

Test Sequence The prepared sample is placed in the measuring area. Pushing the start button releases the pendulum, which hits the aluminium angle, glued to the sample with double sided adhesive tape. The energy required to push the sample away is measured and displayed in J/m².

Digital display and microprocessor controlled Easy sample placement with quick change mechanism
Automatic pendulum return to starting position 90° delaminating angle of pendulum to sample surface
5 base + 5 aluminium angles included Display values selectable - J/m², kg/cm,²
x1 roll double sided tape (25.4 mm x 32.91 m) included RS232 Port

Connections:  Electricity: 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz AC; Air: 600kPa

Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 550 mm (W x D x H): 20Kg

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Rycolab Internal Bond Tester
Rycolab – Rycobel

Rycolab – Rycobel

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