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Measures the internal bonding strength of paper and paper board

The unit causes a high speed rupture in the Z-direction of the test piece. The test results correlate with substrate failures that occur during printing and conversion.

The dynamic nature of the Internal Bond Test gives a much clear idea of how a substrate will resist the Z-directional forces (in many printing and converting processes) than the static tests done on Universal Testing Machines. Complies with Tappi T 569 Standard on Internal Bond Testing.

Used primarily to examine blistering of coated papers, picking, de-lamination of multiply materials and the effects of additives and beating at pulp stock preparation.

Microprocessor controlled and extensively re-engineered by Huygen to eliminates the errors previously inherent in analogue units. Delivers accurate, very repeatable results.

AV-3 microprocessor displays the test results and statistics Solid stainless steel pendulum gives 0 – 347 x 10-3 ft.lbs/sq in or 0-729 J/sq m
Pneumatic / hydraulic sample press with individual cylinders ensures equal and consistent clamping force on each specimen. Electronically controlled, user selectable pressing time.
Magnetic pendulum release for positive positioning and repeatable drops Canted, heavy pedestal with improved bearings
Push button, pneumatic sample clamping Clutched, gear-driven tape dispenser
Calibration weight set and slide for regular calibration checks

Physical  Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 61 (W) x 41 (D) x 56 cm (H)
  • Nett Weight: 34kgs
  • Case Dimensions: 74 x 48 x 66 cm
  • Packed Weight: 37kg

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Internal Bond Tester