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Basket immersion, measuring water absorption time and capacity

In full compliance with the ISO standard 12625-8, the Rycolab Tissue Absorption Tester B automatically:

  • measures the dry weight of the paper
  • measures the water-absorption time
  • measures the draining time
  • measures the wet weight of the paper
  • calculates the water-absorption capacity

The device consists of:

  • A removable container for holding demineralised water, with a small tap on the side to bring the surface of the liquid to a known level
  • A system for attaching the basket at the start of the test
  • A touchscreen display showing the results of the test and the weight variation curve
  • An “elevator” system that puts the water container into position
  • USB and ethernet outputs
  • Two physical control buttons

Test description:  ISO standard 12625-8 refers to two particular points:

  • The basket should be dropped horizontally to a height of (25 ± 5) mm above the surface of the water
  • When it falls, the basket must be free so that its weight is not changed by contact with any other metal parts during the immersion time.

The entirely automatic test and measurement consists of:

  • Measurement and recording of the weight of the basket and the sample
  • The water tank automatically fills, so that the surface of the water is always 2.5 cm from the basket
  • The skimmer is lowered into the water and after a short dwell time, to stabilise the water level, the cylindrical sample basket is lowered onto the water
  • The time required for complete water absorption by the sample is detected
  • The skimmer and basket remain completely immersed for 30 seconds
  • The sample basket is removed from the water on the skimmer, which then inclines at an angle of 30°
  • The basket is held in this position for 60 seconds (± 1 sec) to allow water to drain
  • The basket and its contents are then immediately weighed

Results at the end of the test

  • Reference of the measurement
  • Date and time
  • Immersion time
  • Weight of the dry sample
  • Weight of the sample wetted at the end of draining
  • Calculated ratio of water absorbed / weight of the paper sample
  • Water absorption capacity (Wa), in grams per gram of each test piece
  • Water temperature at the time of measurement

Sample Basket
Cylindrical basket, made of non-corroding steel gauge wire with:

  • Diameter of 0.5 mm, to yield a total mass of the cylindrical basket of 3g (± 0.1g) and having a material density of 8.05 g/cm3
  • Height: 80 mm ± 1 mm
  • Diameter: 50 mm ± 1 mm
  • Weight: 3g ± 0.1g
  • Square mesh of 20 mm

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Rycolab Tissue Absorption Tester B