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For conventional inks and for UV curing inks

Each type is available in a one, two or four segment version for one ink, two or four inks (colours) respectively, for the IGT High Speed Inking Unit 4.

  • Conventional, 1 segment
    • Order Reference – TP466.003.001
  • Conventional 2 segments
    • Order Reference – TP66.003.002
  • Conventional 4 segments
    • Order Reference – TP466.003.003
  • UV, 1 segment
    • Order Reference – TP466.003.007
  • UV, 2 segments
    • Order Reference – TP466.003.008
  • UV, 4 segments
    • Order Reference – TP466.003.009

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Top Roller High Speed Inking Unit 4
Top Roller High Speed Inking Unit 4

Information About Cleaning Solvents for IGT Printing Discs and Top Rollers

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