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Round specimens for basic weight of paper, paperboard, corrugated board & textiles

Circular cutters prepare round specimens for the determination of the basic weight of paper, paperboard and textiles and for the preparation of sample material for other test methods including the cutting of corrugated board ready for FCT. The cutter provides a rapid accurate preparation of test samples.

The 4 replaceable knives are mounted around the perimeter. The sample is cut out by turning the handle through 90°. A safety lock ensures the knives are not accessible when not in use.

3 sizes available: Model 175B – 100 cm²  •   Model PS50 – 50 cm²  •   Model PS10 – 10 cm²

The standard equipment can be used for samples up to 5 mm thick. Optionally a unit for 10 mm thick samples can be supplied.

The cork mat supplied assures a perfect cut and longer lifetime of the knives. To cut textile samples the cork cutting plates can be replaced by a rubber cutting board.


  • Cut circles in order to determine basic weight of paper, paperboard, corrugated board, textiles and other sheet materials.
  • Practical and safe operation
  • Standard size : 100 cm²
  • Other available sizes : 10 and 50 cm²
  • Knives can easily be replaced through the side opening on the instrument (only for the 100 cm² unit)

For compliance with ISO 536, BS 3432, DIN 53104, SCAN P6, TAPPI T-410, CPPA D3

Model 175B Model 175B Model PS50 Model PS10
Type 100-5 Type 100-10 Type 50-5 Type 10-5
Cutting Area 100 cm² 100 cm² 50 cm² 10 cm²
Diameter 113 mm 113 mm 80 mm 36 mm
Depth 5 mm 10 mm 5 mm 5 mm

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Circular Cutters
Circular Cutters
Circular Cutters

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