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Evaluates Resistance to Wear

The Taber Rotary Platform Abrasion Tester – Models 1700 and 1750. Also known as the Taber Abraser (Abrader), or Rotary Platform Dual (Double) Head Tester.

Delivers reliable data in minutes, compared to the months and years that are often needed for in-use testing. This is the world standard for evaluating abrasion resistance.

Referenced in many standards relating to an equally wide range of materials, including painted, lacquered, powder coated, and electroplated surfaces; textile fabrics from sheer silks to heavy upholstery and carpeting; solid materials such as metals, stone and ceramics; plus plastics, leather, rubber, linoleum, laminates, glass and paper.

LCD operator touch screen Quick release wheel mounting hub Critical components easy to replace
Compact abraser arm assemblies Redesigned support frame and housing Direct flow vacuum nozzle with precision height adjustment
Screw-in vacuum nozzle tips for 8mm and 11mm Selectable display options (including language) Store test profiles

Method of operation: A flat specimen is mounted to a turntable that rotates in the vertical axis. As it does so, the specimen is in contact with the sliding rotation of two abrading wheels, which causes wear. A vacuum system removes loose debris during the test. The resulting abrasion marks appear as crossed arcs in a circular band, covering an area approximately 30 cm2.

Referenced in more than 100 international test standards and specifications

  • Easy to operate
  • The Taber Abraser has been specified by numerous industries as the standard for wear and abrasion research, quality and process control, materials evaluation, and product development.

Taber Rotary Abraser includes

  • Auxiliary Weights to provide a 500g and 1000g load
  • Specimen Holder
  • Hold Down Ring
  • Vacuum Unit with Suction Hose (not shown)

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Taber Rotary Platform Abraser
Taber Rotary Platform Abraser
Taber Rotary Platform Abraser
Taber Rotary Platform Abraser