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Practical and convenient solution for the storage of printing discs and top rollers

A highly practical and convenient solution designed for the storage of printing discs and top rollers used on the IGT Orange ProoferIGT C1 Litho and Letterpress Proofer, IGT G1 Gravure Proofer  and F1 Flexo / Gravure Proofer.

  • Ensured that solvents can readily evapourate after cleaning and prevents a flat side developing on the rollers and other damage occuring.
  • The holder is secured at the back of the instrument and can accommodate up to six discs or rollers.
  • A timer can be included as an option on the IGT F1IGT C1 and IGT Orange Proofer versions, for aiding distribution and inking time

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IGT Holder for Printing Discs and Top Rollers
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