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Motorised Application of Printing Force

Part of the Orange Proofer series of self contained, low cost efficient units for checking the colour of offset inks. Incorporates a litho inking and offset printing section for conventional and UV inks. Also excellent for making lay downs of UV Flexo ink.

The Orange Proofer M is the best choice for organisations using different types of ink, different substrates, or variation in thickness and where the force needs to be changed regularly. The printing force is applied using push-buttons on the front of the instrument.

Delivered with rubber blanket 50 mm printing disc of 350 g as standard, the IGT Orange Proofer M can be used on a variety of substrates including paper, board, plastic, film, cellophane, laminate, metals etc.

Follow this link to the standard IGT Orange Proofer page for more details.

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IGT Orange Proofer M

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