Tensile Strength, Tearing Resistance, Bursting Strength

Efficient, cost effective manufacture and subsequent processing of paper, film, non-woven, foil and other sheet materials, invariably has to be done at high speed.

That means that the substrates involved have to have a sufficient inherent strength, in order to avoid costly web failures. However, making the sheet material too strong, can also adversely affect it’s performance and is likely to increase the use of costly raw materials.

Ongoing strength monitoring is, therefore, essential, in order to avoid both of these costly circumstances. That requires the testing of the basic strength parameters of Tensile Strength, Tearing Resistance and Bursting Strength in a repeatable and verifiable way, using instrumentation built to comply with the appropriate international and recognised test standards.

We have an extensive range of units in each of these three test areas. A selection is listed below.

Tearing Testing
Electronic Elmendorf ProTear

Tensile Testing
EJA Vantage Universal Material Tensile Tester
Rycolab Horizontal Tensile Tester
T Series of Tensile Tester

Burst Testing
Rycolab Burst Tester
Tissue Burst Tester

Crush Testing
Rycolab Crush Tester

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Strength Testing
Strength Testing