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Economic integrated inking & printing device for producing occasional colour prints

The IGT Simply Offset is ideal for small print shops, that only need to make a limited number of drawdowns of offset inks each day, but with a higher level of consistency than can be achieved using a hand roller.

Standards: complies with ISO 2834-1

Single button operation and a single printing force minimize the possibility of errors. Maintenance free, with no internal parts to be calibrated or serviced. Ink can be applied easily with a single volume pipette, for higher repeatability. Short inking time and cleaning time compared to a hand roller.

The IGT Simply Offset is low cost, easy to operate and ideal for:

  • Small and medium size print houses that make only a very small amount of colour drawdowns
  • Printers making small runs e.g. for stationary with house colours or PMS colours in very small amounts
  • Printers using only a limited range of inks and substrates
  • Preparing prints for colour and density measurement for simple colour matching applications
  • Users doing colour matching by finger-tipping
  • Printers using currently a hand roller, but needing something more efficient and faster
  • Evaluation of print gloss, abrasion, flexibility, fastness’s, resistances
Printing speed 0,2-0,3 m/s, depending on the load Printing width: 50 mm
Print length: 200 mm Compact design, single instrument, external power supply
For either conventional or UV inks Printing force 400 N
Substrate thickness 0,02-0.5 mm on carrier Maintenance-free
One year guarantee on mechanics, rubber roller is guaranteed against production failures, but not against mis-use or cleaning with unsuitable solvents Maintenance program through exchange of instruments

Models available:

  • Model no:  447.000.100 for conventional drying offset inks
  • Model no:  447.000.200 for UV drying offset inks

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IGT Simply Offset

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