IGT Testing Systems manufactures and delivers printability testing equipment and tack testing instruments for the worldwide paper industry, printing industry, graphical arts, plastics, paints, inks and coatings industry.

World famous for the consistency and reliability of it’s products, tens of thousands having been sold to graphic paper mills, ink manufacturers and inplant ink mixing stations, in virtually every country in the world.

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Ink Proofers – for colour assessment & abrasion resistance testing.

Inking Units – High Speed Inking Unit 4

Ink Tack Testing – TackOscope, HydrOscope, Tack 450

Ink Dryers – UV Dryers, Heatset Dryers

Graphic Paper and Film Testing

ConsumablesReplacement Discs, Rollers and Testing Inks

Service and Consumables
Ink and substrate performance can vary hugely, depending on the conditions under which they are tested. Constant test conditions are vital to being able to correctly evaluate an ink, or a substrate against another, or a previously agreed standard. Only in that way can the real differences can be seen.

The very essence of IGT is not to mimic on-press conditions, but to be able to replicate precise printing conditions, regardless of the location or individual user.

Regular equipment servicing is essential to enable a proofer’s actual speed and impression pressure to be known, adjusted and verified. Ink solvents migrate into the rubber inking rollers and printing discs, changing their hardness.

A disc or rollers’ hardness will affect the ink transfer achieved under otherwise consistent printing conditions. So, regular equipment servicing and disc/roller renewal ensure that a step change is avoided in printed results, when they are eventually carried out.

For more information about IGT equipment servicing and the comprehensive range of genuine IGT consumables, please contact our sales team on 01223 492081 or sales@tendringphysicaltesting.com

History of IGT
Previously known as IGT Reprotest, it was founded by the Dutch government in the years immediately after World War II, as a research institute to help the Dutch Printing Industry grow and develop.

It moved from it’s original site in metropolitan Amsterdam, via a site overlooking the Ajax Stadium, to it’s current location in Almere, Netherlands. IGT has been privately owned for approximately 30 years and acquired the company Testprint in that time.

By incorporating the Testprint business, IGT has been able to offer a comprehensive range of ink evaluation and substrate evaluation equipment.

Ink Tack Testers and Ink Proofers for all wet ink processes and a range of substrate testing equipment for the graphic paper and film industries. Originating from the purely mechanical A1 device of the 1940’s to the latest microprocessor Amsterdam family.

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IGT Testing Systems
IGT Testing Systems
IGT Testing Systems
IGT Testing Systems
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